Adibike HAD Originals El Capitan Multifunctional Scarf grey - black

Size: Small
Sale priceRs.7.25



P.A.C. multi-functional scarf made from seamless, highly elastic tubular fabric for environmentally conscious people! The high grade Merino wool provides natural comfort, moisture transport and even is o dour neutralizing. The Polyester component is made from 100% recycled material and provides excellent flexibility. The high breath ability and temperature regulating effect make this multi-functional scarf extremely comfortable without damaging the environment.

    material mix made from Merino wool and recycled Polyester
    Merino wool made from guaranteed mule-sing-free production
    breathable and temperature regulating
    highly elastic
    quickly wicks moisture away, quickly drying
    versatile in its use
    100% seamless finish
    universal size
    made in Germany

Material: 55% Polyester, 45% Merino wool

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