Adibike Inverness Gloves black

Size: Small
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Description "Gloves"

The back hand of these excellent MTB gloves was made from Jacquard knit which provides long lasting comfort and a unique look. But these gloves not only look good, they also offer excellent performance! The ergonomic palm made from Roeck-Grip material is elastic, breathable and extra fine. The award-winning Bi-Fusion palm padding is also integrated: Two layers and viscose buffers which maintain their shape guarantee unparalleled protection of palm nerves and thus long lasting comfort on long and intense cycling tours.

    back hand made from Jacquard knit guarantees a unique feel and look
    ergonomic palm made from elastic, breathable and fine Roeck-Grip material
    Highly efficient, flat Bi-Fusion 2-layer palm padding: due to the viscosity of the pad pressure is evenly distributed and shocks and vibrations are damped. The seat pad maintains its shape. It minimises hand fatigue and maximises comfort.
    Comfort Innovation padding in crook of thumb
    elastic cuffs
    wipe thumb panel
    easy-off loops
    reflective design elements

Material: back hand: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastane; palm: 100% Polyamide

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